Darken Order: Temple of the Darken Lady


  • A mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • A fortress located southeast of Northwatch Keep


  • To give the player a third skill option – Conjuration in addition to Archery and Destruction – for ranged attacks.
  • To give more power and role playing options for Death Knights and Necromancers.


  • Intensive and packed with combat, secret rooms, and puzzles.
  • Lore given more precedence over traditional level design principles.
  • Capable to build mods dependent – from a technical and lore point of view – on this.


  • Three new Conjuration spells Witherbolt, Ruinbolt and Wraithbolt. 
  • Witherbolt: 
    • Deals 35 damage. Apprentice level and default cost 50 magicka.
  • Ruinbolt
    • Deals 65 damage. Apprentice level and default cost 141 magicka. 
  • Wraithbolt
    •  Deals 100 damage. Expert level and default cost 301 magicka. 
  • All three spells stagger when they are dual cast and all undead are fully resistant to them. Note that the staggering effect to work, you must have unlocked the Conjuration Dual Casting perk.
  • Also contains four different pieces of secret and custom loot. 




Bethesda (PC)

Bethesda (XBOX)

9 thoughts on “Darken Order: Temple of the Darken Lady”

  1. I am stuck already. I cant find a walkthrough anywhere either. Anyone willing to tell me how to start this at least. I saw the note saying it was a two part spell. Got the raise zombie scroll and book used on gate, and nothing.. am I just dumb?


    1. There is a Darken Scholar in a secret room pretty nearby the gate.

      EDIT: @odhayr That’s odd. There should be a Darken Scholar in the secret room right next to the statue.


    1. You got the wrong secret room. Keep searching.

      @Patrick Drumm there are four secret rooms in the level. The one which contains the Darken Scholar required to open the door 3 is close to statue near the door 3. The remaining three contain special loot. All the doors are opened by hidden pull handles/chains.


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