Lost Spells: Deathchantress



  • A mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Adds thirteen new spells to the game


  • To give more variance and role playing options for conjurers and frost mages. Contains eight new Conjurations spells, four new Destruction spells and one Illusion spell. 


  • All spells are powerful enough to be useful but balanced enough not to break game balance
  • Spells differ from each other and have clear strengths and weaknessess


  • Conjuration Spells: Conjure Winter’s Widow, Conjure Winter’s Warrior, Conjure Spectre,  Conjure Wraith, Conjure Dread, Conjure Snow Wolf, Conjure Snowy Sabre Cat, Conjure Snow Bear
  • Destruction Spells: Winterwind’s Chill, Winterwind’s Bite, Unrelenting Frost, Winter’s Grasp
  • Illusion Spell: Terror
  • The spells can be obtained normally by purchasing them from spell merchants. For example, Faralda, Phinis Gestor and Drevis Neloren from the College sell all the spells when your skill level is high enough. For quick access, all the tomes can be found from the southernmost tower of the College of Winterhold. Use the entrance from Arcanaeum.
  • For full description of spells see this.



Nexus (PC)

Bethesda (PC)

Bethesda (PS4)

Bethesda (XBOX)

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