Isle of Storm



  • A mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • An island located northeast of Solitude and north of Orphan’s Tear


  • To give melee fighters better protection against magical attacks.  Contains a mask with high armor rating and magic resistance.


  • Visual and audial theme of thunder, lightning and rain
  • Semi-linear area with three levels: one exterior and two interior spaces
  • More emphasis on puzzles instead of combat
  • Player agency is not always given and thus requires attention to detail and careful exploration.


  • Maarqah (The Terror Mask)
    • -100% Magicka Regeneration
    • +50% Magic Resistance
    • Always Storm on Exterior
    • 24 Armor rating (1 Higher than Daedric) 20 Weight (3 Less than Daedric)




Bethesda (PC)

Bethesda (XBOX)


Puzzle solutions


21 thoughts on “Isle of Storm”

    1. You can find a letter from a dead mage laying near the entrance of the island. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can also finish the quest without ‘officially’ starting it.


  1. I’ve searched all over the isle of storms to figure out how to solve the puzzle. I’ve read through the journal and still no clue how to open the tomb.


  2. I’ve read through all this and still have no clue how to enter the tomb. How do you do it? There isn’t anything about it on the solutions link.


    1. Turn the pillars on the roof so they show WHALE-SNAKE-WHALE from left to right. Stand right in front of the chain when you pull it and you’ll be lifted up to the top where you’ll see a strongbox with the key to the trapdoor inside. Once inside you’ll find three immovable puzzle pillars (I don’t know what they’re actually called) with pressure playes in front of them. The plates move pillars underneath the grate, which you can see through the grate itself. Match those pillars to the immovable ones in front of you and boom, you’re in.

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  3. Tried to download mod for xboxonex. Says `missing needed content’ even tho I am running Special Edition. Really want to play this. Any ideas?


      1. Yo how do the pressure plates work? Nothing is changing in the lower chamber everything is legit staying the same


  4. Felix: No idea what would cause that. Sounds like a random bug. You probably have tried leaving and re-entering the Tomb? There is however another entry to the lower chamber: Go back to the Isle exterior and search under the tree inside the collapsed tower.


    1. I had to use a hide shield on the pressure plates because I have the perk that makes me NOT trigger pressure plates. Everything worked just fine with that. Nice mod, thank you.


      1. I’ve tried everything to get the pressure plates to work and it’s still not working for some reason. Any ideas on what to do 😦


  5. @Taylor. This problem is caused by the fact that a script which should happen when you enter the dungeon occasionally fails to happen. i encountered it few times when testing and re-entering the interior fixed it. If that does not work, then i would suggest trying with a save prior to entering. However, there is another way into the main chamber in the island, so you do not need to work with the pressure plates if nothing helps.


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