Winter’s Grasp



  • A mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • A small fort located between Windhelm and Winterhold
  • Inhabited by hostile Frost Warlocks


  • Make frost magic as powerful as fire and shock magic. As many creatures of Skyrim are resistant or completely immune to frost, it is usually too big of an disadvantage to focus on frost magic. This mod contains a balanced destruction frost spell which bypasses all frost resistance, giving the player a chance to survive as a full-fledged frost mage.


  • The fort is an action driven linear level
  • It favors sneaky and ranged characters while being more challenging for melee fighters
  • Designed to support player agency. This means, that when the player enters a room she has chance to evaluate the situation and choose her strategy
  • Aesthetically it seeks to combine Ice Cave and Imperial Fort styles.
  • Simplistic lighting and clutter to implicitly guide the player to the preferred path and advantageous spots

Notable Loot

  • Winter’s Grasp spell
    • Adept level, 30 pts of frost damage per second. Bypasses Resist Frost effects. Default cost 75 magicka per second.
  • Staff of Ice Storm




Bethesda (PC)

Bethesda (XBOX)

Nexus (PC)


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