Stuff I have built

Skyrim Mods

Darken Order: Temple of the Darken Lady (01/2021)

Vrage’s Watch (10/2019)

Lost Spells: Deathchantress (06/2019)

Isle of Storm (05/2019)

Frostfaarn (01/2019)

Snowgaard (11/2018)

Winter’s Grasp (10/2018)

Stuff I have learned

From a modder to a level designer: Modeling levels (11/2019)

From a modder to a level designer: Player Agency and Level Flow (03/2019)

Stuff I have designed

Elder Scrolls: Duel TCG (Proof of Concept)

The Way of All (Proof of Concept)

Nether and Realm: The Sorceror (Proof of Concept)

Stuff people have said

Ok just played it, loved it… (Decuss on Darken Order: Temple of the Darken Lady)

This was fun. (cookrog on Vrage’s Watch)

The concept of the mod is amazing. (whitebird123 on Vrage’s Watch)

Very nice little adventure, really liked the puzzles. (tarlazo on Isle of Storm)

Smooth with no glitches. Nice mod! (Felix on Isle of Storm)

Awesome! Love stuff like this. (Feolainn on Frostfaarn)

This is…A GREAT MOD! (GoddOward on Snowgaard)

Really well designed and very enjoyable. (Runeszar on Snowgaard)

Hey man, really loved this mod. (Thyworm on Snowgaard)

I love the idea of this mod. (mpjbay of Winter’s Grasp)

Amazing idea, I’m the full supporter of this! (Laidback99 on Winter’s Grasp)